Question of the day #6

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Well, the answer can be very confusing for a native speaker! I will tell you a little story to give you the answer.

I met my first good French Canadian friends about 2 years ago. One day, they called me and asked me if I wanted to come over for “dinner“. I said “Sure, what time do you want me to come?” They said: “1  o’clock” to which I replied that it was a bit late and that I would probably be fast asleep by then. The responded: “No, 1 pm!” So of course, I had them note that it was not called “dîner” but “déjeûner“. This is when I learned that Canadians didn’t name the meals of the day the same as in France. No, what the French call “petit-déjeûner” (breakfast), they call it “déjeûner“. However, for the French, “déjeûner” means “lunch“, but for Canadians, “lunch” is called “dîner” (well that’s confusing!). So you may ask me, what do they call “le dîner” (dinner)? Well, they simply call it “le souper” (supper).


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