French IV


Over 11 hours of video lessons + oral comprehension & written exercises.

Course content:

“Avoir beau” + infinitive, Fallir + infinitive, the future tense, how to use the verb plaire, “Acheter” and verbs following the same pattern, present of the conditional, demonstrative pronouns, comparative with nouns, superlative, verbs that can use avoir or être in passé composé, possessive pronouns, aller avec, être sur le point de, comparative correlative, translation of “You’d better” (formal & informal), falloir, must/could/should + infinitive, avoir l’habitude de, être impatient de, être à + distance, au cas où, -IR verbs conjugated like -ER verbs, new useful reflexive verbs.

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French IV Class – Information and Registration

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Curriculum covered in French IV:

Over 11 hours of video lessons + listening comprehension & written exercises.

  • “Avoir beau + infinitive”
  • Faillir + infinitive
  • Future tense
  • Plaire
  • “acheter” & similar verb patterns
  • Present of the conditional
  • Demonstrative pronouns
  • Comparative with nouns
  • Superlative
  • Verbs that use être & avoir in passé compsosé
  • Possessive pronouns
  • aller avec & sur le point de
  • Comparative correlative
  • Translation of “You’d better”: official rule & conversational tranlsation
  • Falloir
  • Must / could / should
  • Avoir l’habitude de / être impatient de
  • Etre à + distance
  • Au cas où
  • Etre à + distance
  • -IR verbs conjugated like -er verbs
  • New & useful reflexive verbs


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