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1 x French I

Over 9 hours of video lessons + oral comprehension + written exercises (with answers) Course content: The use of “être” & “avoir”, adjectives to describe people & things (+ irregular adjectives), parts of the body, counting up to 1 billion, definite & indefinite articles, how to use –er, -ir, -re and irregular verbs (all the most useful verbs that other books or schools don’t teach), the negative form, including ne…jamais, ne…plus, ne…personne, ne… que, the use of « de » or « d’ » after the negative form, the 3 ways of asking questions, demonstrative adjectives, use of the pronoun “on”, use of French adverbs, questions words: où / quand / quoi / comment / pourquoi, near future, how to tell time, possessive adjectives, venir de + infinitive, c’est vs Il/elle est, locating people & things.

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1 x French II

Over 11 hours of video lessons on the following themes/structures, along with oral comprehension & written exercises: Course content: “Etre en train de”, avoir besoin de, Imperative mood, quel(le), infinitive constructions, recent past with “venir de + infinitive”, -dre verbs + irregular verbs (mettre/boire), More irregular verbs : devoir/pouvoir, translation of “all the” & “the whole”, direct/indirect object pronounsPronouns y & en, how to use “rester” & “manquer” beyond their basic use, passé composé of regular verbs : 1st, 2nd & 3rd group, reflexive verbs in the present tense (you will learn all the most useful reflexive verbs used by the French on a daily basis that no other school will teach you, contractions with « de », adjectives used as nouns

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1 x French III

Over 11 hours of video lessons + oral comprehension & written exercises. Course content: Present tense review, passé composé: irregular verbs + être verbs, savoir vs connaître, negative expressions in passé composé, direct/Indirect Object pronouns in present and passé composé, most used reflexive verbs present, imperative & passé composé (the complete list), simultaneous use of direct & indirect object pronouns, object pronouns with 2 consecutive verbs, qui vs que vs dont, avoir l'air, imparfait, ce qui vs ce que vs ce dont, ça fait + time, quel & lequel,  uses of the verb “falloir”, depuis vs pendant, the most useful conjunctions & connecting words, bonus lessons on important structures no one will teach you.

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1 x French IV

Over 11 hours of video lessons + oral comprehension & written exercises. Course content: "Avoir beau" + infinitive, Fallir + infinitive, the future tense, how to use the verb plaire, "Acheter" and verbs following the same pattern, present of the conditional, demonstrative pronouns, comparative with nouns, superlative, verbs that can use avoir or être in passé composé, possessive pronouns, aller avec, être sur le point de, comparative correlative, translation of "You'd better" (formal & informal), falloir, must/could/should + infinitive, avoir l'habitude de, être impatient de, être à + distance, au cas où, -IR verbs conjugated like -ER verbs, new useful reflexive verbs.

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