Online group lessons

The next series of live French & Spanish lessons on Zoom will start February 24th, 2021, and will be running for 5 weeks until March 25th, 2021. All time options below are in Eastern Standard Time (New York). French classes will be conducted live by Alexandre de Chambure, former private French teacher of Golden Globe Award winner Jessica Chastain, and former private ESL teacher of French President Chirac’s daughter & grandson.

You can join us live from any laptop, tablet or smart phone. If you miss a lesson, it will be recorded, so you will be able to watch/review later. You will also get access to many listening comprehension and written exercises to enhance your new skills. The cost for a 5-week course is $199. Click on the hyperlink course title below to see each course description. Number of students per class is capped at 20 for regular classes, and 10 for conversation classes. Click here to see what a live class looks like.

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Get $10 off for every referral (You will receive instructions upon registering). You can pay through Paypal, check or credit card (option offered on Paypal page if you don’t have a Paypal account), or by check (US residents only). Email us at if you wish to pay by check or through Venmo, otherwise, scroll down this page to register online. All times on schedule below are Easter Standard Time (New York).

Wednesdays @ 8:30 pm E.S.T
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Imperative & passé composé, avoir l’air, imparfait, ce qui vs ce que vs ce dont, ça fait + time TONS of new & useful vocabulary you won’t learn in books.

    Advanced French
  Thursdays @ 11 am E.S.T
or 8:30pm E.S.T (2 options)
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We will be covering the content of Advanced French B @ 8:30, and Advanced French A @ 11 am E.S.T. No difference in terms of difficulty.

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Terms & conditions:

If teacher doesn’t have an Internet connection, we will add an additional week in the schedule. If students cannot attend a live class, he or she will be able to view the recording on our external platform. Students are provided with listening comprehension exercises videos as well as written exercises. Listening comprehension exercises in Advanced French are audio only.
Cancellation policy: Get a full refund up to 2 weeks before the beginning of class. Get a 50% refund when asking for a refund within two weeks of the beginning of class up up to the 1st class. Get a 30% refund before the 2nd lesson.