Advanced French – Course description

Advanced French:

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Advanced French curriculum:

– The many translations & meanings of the verbs “to keep”, “to mean”, & “can”
– to be missing sth / to be $___ short
– to have _____ left (time/quantity…)
– to be/live ______ miles/minutes (away) from a place.
– Could have / should have / must have + past participle
– Most useful words & idiomatic expressions as well as structures
– To be mad at someone – To get + past participle (fired / yelled at / evicted…)
– Translation of the English passive voice into French
– Use of present & past subjunctive
– All the reflexive verbs & faire expressions you’ve never heard before & that we use everyday
– “By”… the end of the day / the end of the week / the end of the year…
– Present vs past subjunctive and much much more!

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