French II Class – Course description

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Curriculum covered in French II:

  • “Etre en train de”
  • avoir besoin de
  • Imperative mood
  • Quel(le)
  • Work on infinitive constructions
  • Recent past with “venir de + infinitive”
  • -dre verbs + irregular verbs (mettre/boire)
  • More irregular verbs : devoir/pouvoir
  • Translation of “all the” & “the whole”
  • Direct/indirect object pronouns
  • Pronouns y & en
  • How to use “rester” & “manquer” beyond their basic use
  • Passé composé of regular verbs : 1st, 2nd & 3rd group
  • Reflexive verbs in the present tense (you will learn all the most useful reflexive verbs used by theFrench on a daily basis that no other school will teach you.
  • Contractions with « de »
  • Adjectives used as nouns

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