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Get ready for an exciting experience learning French at Language City. You will learn more than you can imagine, in an easy and fun way. Take our self-study courses and learn at your own pace. To sign up, book a phone call on our new website @ All lessons are taught by Alexandre de Chambure, the former private English teacher of French President Chirac’s daughter & grandson.

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Learn with a new & different approach. We will teach you French as it is spoken by native speakers. You will have access to relevant & engaging lessons to become truly fluent! Access over 90 hours of video lessons, 30 hours of listening comprehension videos, and more than 190 written exercises with answer keys. You can also send questions to Alex through forums located throughout the course.

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Start learning French from anywhere in the world on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, and get unlimited access & email support. Buy our course and get lifetime access. Download our app (iPhone & iPad) and watch our videos offline! Click here for Android phones.


Spanish Classes

Spanish Classes
Alexandre de Chambure

Languages for Business

Languages for Business
Alexandre de Chambure



Alex de Chambure

After obtaining a Masters degree in French & English in France, Alexandre moved to California to teach French at UC Irvine and at Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles. He started a tutoring business, teaching French, Spanish & ESL and taught French to many students from the best high schools in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and beyond. Alexandre also taught French to many adults working in the entertainment industry as well as lawyers, doctors business people, high profile politicians. He is a gifted and passionate teacher who has unmatched skills in his field. His former students include the daughter & grandson of French President Chirac.

Irene Arboli

Irene Arboli obtained a Bachelors degree in English from Universidad de Sevilla back in 2010. She went on to earn a Masters degree in Spanish all the while teaching her native language at Ohio University between 2010 and 2013. She went on to teach Spanish at North Carolina State University for 2 years. Irene spent two more years teaching Spanish at Ohio State University before moving back to Spain to pursue Phd in Spanish. She is a very talented language teacher who very much enjoys sharing her knowledge and passion for languages.


Best money ever spent! These classes are so enjoyable!


Alex, this is incredible!!! Thank you so much! I’m so disappointed I waited this long to purchase your lessons.


I love the course! Just did one lesson but it’s by far the best platform I’ve worked with. The pace is juts right and you give easy explanations. I’ve tried Fluenz and Rosetta Stone in the past, and they’re so slow and boring.


…I have some good news. I have been preparing to study a Masters degree in interpreting, and I had a mini interview today. The teacher said I have a C1 (fluent) level in French which is exactly what I have been working towards. I couldn’t have got there without your course.